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Setting up the Client:

Groupon.Net.Client.ClientId = myClientId; // Must be done prior to any method calls on the Client
Groupon.Net.Client.ForceSuccessRsponse = true; // Optional

Retrieving Deals:

List<Groupon.Net.Deal> myDeals = Groupon.Net.Client.GetDeals();

Retrieving Individual Deal:

Groupon.Net.Deal myDeal = Groupon.Net.Client.GetDeal("thedeal-id");

Retrieving Divisions:

List<Groupon.Net.Division> myDivisions = Groupon.Net.Client.GetDivisions();

Constructing a Commission Junction Link:

Groupon.Net.Deal myDeal = Groupon.Net.Client.GetDeal("thedeal-id");
string myLink = Groupon.Net.Client.GetCommissionJunctionUrl("MyPID", myDeal.DealURL);

Retrieving Groupon Sayings:

List<Groupon.Net.GrouponSaying> mySayings = Groupon.Net.Client.GetGrouponSayings();

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